December 17, 2018 – January 4, 2019: Three-Week OSF Pre-Teacher-Training Program in Europe with Stephanie Skura & Co-Faculty

Three-week Open Source Forms Pre-Teacher-Training Program in Europe.
Opportunity to study intensively with OSF creator STEPHANIE SKURA & Co-Faculty Susanna Hood, Nate Dryden, Meaghen Buckley

December 17, 2018 – January 4, 2019
10:30 AM – 1:30 PM, 3:00 – 6:00 PM, Mon – Fri
Location TBA soon: Either Brescia, Italy OR Uddebo, Sweden

This program is recommended for anyone who plans on applying for OSF Teacher Certification. Prerequisites include, at minimum, the equivalent of a two-week workshop in OSF or SRT. If interested, please email & tell us the nature of your experience with SRT &/or OSF:

TRAINING FEE: $1,800 USD with early-bird deposit. Includes several Independent Study Projects after the program, with faculty feedback. Bookings opening soon! Check back here in February 2018 for location information, registration details & links, & to hold your place.

For those interested in learning to teach OSF who need more experience in the practice before entering the OSF Teacher Certification Program. OSF Pre-TT includes the full spectrum of introductory OSF material, improvisation sessions, & in-depth discussions about methods & underlying concepts. 

Though not a commitment to the full OSF Teacher Certification Program, the 3-week Pre-Training Program provides prerequisites** & a sense of the nature of OSF Teacher Certification, to better know if it’s for you. It’s a ‘first pass’ at the complex array of considerations hidden behind the teaching veil, all required to effectively facilitate these transformative sessions. 

Unless you have many years’ experience with this practice — & even if you do — this preparatory program is recommended for all OSF teacher-trainees.  It renders the rigors of OSF Teacher Certification more digestible, less overwhelming, and more fun! Sufficient experience in the less-demanding-but-rigorous atmosphere of OSF Pre-TT makes all the difference in maximum digestion during Certification and, ultimately a gratifying & successful teaching career. Though there are no short-cuts in this training, we come to appreciate the rich rewards of an authentic, grounded process that guides us smoothly along our journey. 

** If you’ve already had the equivalent of one two-week OSF workshop, this 3-week program will complete your prerequisites to apply for our next OSF Teacher Certification Programs. 

 OSF is creatively empowering for both teachers & their students. A rigorous, soul-expanding program, OSF Teacher Certification gives a solid grounding in methods & deep understanding of the work, ultimately empowering teachers & their students to expand OSF to adapt to changing circumstances in our lives & worlds, & integrate it with other practices they embrace. A key mission is individual creative empowerment as an instigator of positive change on the planet. 

“Thanks again for the generous and thoughtful processes you bring into the world and invite others to be part of.” Kristine Knutson, participant OSF Pre-TT, Certified SRT teacher

“Stephanie Skura is one of the most inspired & inspiring teachers I’ve ever studied with. She is a singular teacher whose wisdom & breadth of experience are a gift to those interested in expanding their perception of movement, where it comes from, and how it can trigger deep creativity on numerous levels.”  Juliette Mapp, Choreographer & Teacher, NYC

“One of the most memorable dance educators I’ve studied with…She allows you to unfold in ways that are innate, yet unknown to you.”  Laura Reichhardt, Choreographer

 “I had such a fabulous time dancing, & felt so open and alive after each class.”  Eva Karczag, Teacher & Choreographer, The Netherlands

“This work feeds me in ways I’m not able to access otherwise.”  Alwyn O’Brien, Visual Artist, Canada

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