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talk btna mnla julieOSF Teacher Certification is a rigorous program that prepares teachers to be inventive and responsive to specific situations, while deeply understanding underlying spirit and intentions of the work. OSF offers methods to access depth, specificity, courage, rigor, integration and freedom in movement, vocal practice and performance. It empowers teachers to adapt these methods and discover their own in response to their teaching and performance situations.

su arch alex pole3OSF is a remarkably effective and revolutionary way of learning that can catalyze learning and healing of all kinds. A key mission is individual creative empowerment as an instigator of positive change on the planet.

The OSF training approach supports a sophisticated, fertile research atmosphere in a community of practitioners who are actively teaching, researching and creating.

A rigorous, soul-expanding program, OSF Teacher Certification gives a solid grounding in methods and deep understanding of the work, ultimately empowering teachers to expand OSF to adapt to changing circumstances in our lives & worlds, and integrate it with their own research or other practices they embrace. 

Current trainers are Stephanie Skura, Nate Dryden, Susanna Hood & Meaghen Buckley.

Our Teacher Certification Program offers rigorous grounding in conceptual basis and spirit of OSF. It provides clear understanding of:

  • category & purpose of each activity
  • essential concepts that underlie and inform
  • how layers of consciousness function to create an environment conducive to transformation
  • imagery and its powerful effects
  • innovative approaches to creating imagery
  • physicality of the open voice
  • guidelines for language and music: their enormous effect on a learning environment
  • healing aspects of the work, and guidelines for responsible facilitation
  • foundations for improvisational exploration of concepts
  • philosophical issues that inform and activate our practice

Teachers learn to create a seemingly magical environment conducive to experiential learning and transformation, empowering participants in their creative and growth process.

Thus grounded, teachers develop tools and intuitive skills to adapt and develop the work — teaching Open Source Forms, and integrating it with other practices, or with their own creative practice.

We train teachers to be as creative and present with this work as its original creators, to guide its evolution, remain responsive to a changing world, and — by creatively empowering individuals —  become instigators of positive change on the planet.

“It has been one of the joys of my life to do this work. And this wild ecstatic delight of exploring OSF & Teacher Training is only made more exciting by the potential to bring in new art-related ideas & continue to develop them. I’m stunned into incoherence by everything that’s happened this summer. It’s impossible to thank you adequately for the immensity, generosity, hilarity, depth & expansiveness of what you’ve brought to this Teacher Training.”  Meaghen Buckley, Certified OSF Teacher, 2014

susanna hands floorTwo-year Teacher Certification includes:

  • Four weeks’ classes, labs, discussions and practice sessions during the first summer.
  • Four weeks’ trainee practice-teaching labs the second summer, along with feedback, discussions, creative laboratories, and advanced practice in OSF, improvisation, writing and vocal work.
  • Three writing projects between years, with faculty feedback and discussion.
  • Readings in relevant philosophical, therapeutic and somatic topics
  • Bi-weekly private sessions during each summer for individual processing.

Applicants to the OSF Teacher Certification Program need a great deal of prior experience, during a minimum of two years, with Open Source Forms or Skinner Releasing, as well as improvisation and teaching experience.

PREREQUISITES for applicants:

  1. andy write 2Recommended: One 3-Week OSF Pre-Teacher Training Workshop. OR: Minimum two years’ experience with introductory level OSF and/or SRT, taught by certified OSF or SRT teachers. This includes at least TWO 2-week workshops. Introductory level includes specific deep image work, movement practices, hands-on partner studies, vocal and creative practices. Because this transformative work is processed over time, trainees need to participate in sessions during at least two recent years.
  2. Teaching experience (any practice).
  3. Improvisation experience.
  4. Experience with poetry, literature, and music are helpful.

“To be able to corporalize my imagination, my emotions & unconscious impulses with my dancing body-mind, touches deeply the inner corners of my soul. I’m ending these sessions absolutely grateful, to you and to life.”  Marisol Salinas, OSF Certified Teacher, 2014

OSF is an experiential rather than analytical form of learning. Time to immerse in experiential processing of this transformative practice is essential before the rigorous analytical work required to learn to teach it. Even with accomplished dancers and actors, it is crucial that this experiential phase is not short-circuited with simultaneous analysis of the experience.


In June 2015, we instigated a new three-week Pre-Teacher Training Program, designed  for those seriously considering teaching this work who need more experience in the practice before entering the OSF Teacher Certification Program. Unless you have many years of experience with this practice, we recommend this 3-week preparatory program. It will render the rigors of OSF Teacher Certification more digestible, less overwhelming, & more fun! Morning sessions include the full spectrum of introductory OSF material; afternoon sessions include sophisticated improvisation practices & substantive participatory discussions about underlying concepts & methods. Though not a commitment to the full OSF Teacher Certification Program, the 3-week Pre-Training Program provides prerequisites & a

OSF Teacher Training locations & dates:

2016/17 Teacher Training Certification program in the States has completed.
2018/19 Teacher Certification program in the States is in process.

Next 3- week Pre-Teacher Training Program in Europe: 17 December 2018 – 4 January 2019.  LOCATION: Brescia, Italy.

Next Teacher Certification Program in Europe: 17 December 2018 – 11 January 2019. Similar dates in 2019/20/21.  LOCATION: Brescia, Italy

If interested in one of these Programs or in future programs, please let us know via comments below!


Stephanie Skura
OSF Instigator/Teacher Trainer
Seattle, WA

Nate Dryden
Teacher Trainer, Certified 2010
Salt Lake City, Utah

Susanna Hood
Teacher Trainer, Certified 2010
Montreal & Toronto, Canada

Meaghen Buckley
Teacher Trainer, Certified 2014
Montreal, Canada

Stefania Ammirata
Certified 2012
The Netherlands

Jennifer Leigh Arave
Certified 2017
Minnesota, MN

Andrew Belser
Certified 2011
State College, PA

Kate Clarke
Certified 2010
Albuquerque, NM

Abby Crain
Certified 2014
Oakland, CA

Joshua Lorris Dale
Certified 2017

John Dixon
Teacher Trainer/Certified 2010
Greenville, NC

Amanda Hamp
Certified 2010
Albuquerque, NM

Nikolai Lesnikov
Certified 2017
Seattle, WA

Keely Isaak Meehan
Certified 2012
Seattle, WA

Fiona Enright Mouchemore
Certified 2017
Denmark, Australia

Yvonne Ng
Certified 2010
Toronto, Canada

Bridget Gunning Odom
Certified 2017
Olympia, WA

Bee Pallomina
Certified 2012
Toronto, Canada

Marisol Salinas
Certified 2014

Jeremy Steward
Certified 2017
Seattle, WA

Catrina von Radecki
Certified 2017

Guelph, Canada




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