Deeply rooted in, and fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), Open Source Forms is about cross-fertilizations and deep commonalities of SRT and creative process: shedding outer layers, finding primal energy, agility navigating subconscious realms, and imagery as powerful tool for transformation.

Stephanie Skura
photo by Ian Douglas

Stephanie Skura instigated Open Source Forms (OSF) in 2008 after 12 years as Skinner Releasing Institute core faculty working closely with SRT creator Joan Skinner, and decades of radical innovation as choreographer, performer, and teacher of improvisation and creative practice. The OSF “open source” system offers specific tools to access depth, courage, integration, presence and freedom in physical practice, while empowering participants to adapt these methods and discover their own.

bee abbyThis work celebrates diversity, collaboration, and individual creative empowerment: free of inhibition, accessing intuitive knowing, and inviting the mind to collaborate. A remarkably effective and revolutionary way of learning, the OSF approach can catalyze learning and transformation in many kinds of practices, in movement as well as healing, therapy, voice, acting, and other fields of learning and creation.

Since 2008, four groups of teachers have been certified to teach OSF in the US, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, and Paraguay.

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