OSF Teachers’ Conference

Moving our programs online due to Covid-19 safety concerns has resulted in a great opportunity for those who have always wanted to attend the Teachers’ Conference but were unable to travel to Seattle. Join us for refresher sessions, discussions, and deeper exploration of OSF concepts from the comfort of your home! 

All certified OSF & SRT teachers are invited to our annual OSF Teachers’ Conference, which includes the OSF Advanced Practice Workshop each morning.

Three-hour morning Advanced Practice sessions are facilitated by Stephanie Skura, Nathan Dryden, and Susanna Hood.

Advanced OSF material is deeply rooted in and fluidly expanded from advanced Skinner Releasing practice. Though twelve codified ‘Ongoing’ SRT classes are sometimes taught, Stephanie creates unique advanced sessions, culled from a wealth of material passed on by SRT creator Joan Skinner & early practitioners, and integrated with Skura’s evolving improvisational research.  This level of the practice is sophisticated, deep, evolved in alignment approaches — richly navigating states below conscious level.

Afternoons include refresher sessions (questions that have arisen about teaching, things that are perhaps blurry in our understanding), time to share our research, experiments or performances, address topics of interest, catch up on recent updates, and delve deeper into OSF concepts we are curious to explore.

Dates: 4-7 September 2020, 10am – 5pm PDT
Location: Online

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