Michelle Erard

I am a dance artist and educator trained in physical theater and non-western dance forms, the traditions of which underpin my artistic work.

My work has been presented at Smith College, University of New Mexico, Tricklock Company, and other US venues. I have performed in works by Angie Hauser, Marilyn Sylla, Barbie Diewald, Rujeko Dumbutshena, Bill Walters, Tomaz Simatovic, Sonia Olla, Alejandro Granados, and with the companies Los Flamencos, Alma Flamenca, and Afriky Lolo.  

My journey with somatic practices and bodywork began in the year 2000. My bodywork training wove together physical, energetic, and somatic healing practices. I was introduced to OSF in 2015 and found the work life-changing. OSF bridges my healing and creative work.  

I trained at the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts, received BAs from University of New Mexico, and my MFA from Smith College. I am a certified teacher of Action Theater and Open Source Forms and am currently on faculty at Keene State

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