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Yvonne Ng

Toronto-based Artist

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Susanna Hood

Based in Montreal, Susanna Hood works equally in dance and in music as a creator, performer, and teacher. She became a certified OSF teacher in 2010, and since 2013 has begun also working as an OSF Teacher Trainer alongside Stephanie Skura.

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Stephanie Skura

Choreographer, director, teacher, writer, and creator of Open Source Forms.

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bee pallomina

OSF teacher and dance artist.

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Open Source Forms

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Nathan Dryden

Choreographer, teacher, aerialist, performer and OSF Teacher Trainer

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Meaghen Buckley

Montréal-based artist and teacher.

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Marisol Salinas

Choreographer / dance performer & teacher Coreógrafa / intérprete y maestra de danza

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Keely Isaak Meehan

OSF teacher, choreographer, certified movement analyst, director of Manifold Motion.

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Kate Clarke

Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts, Head, Juniata Theatre Program

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Amanda Hamp

dance artist-scholar-educator / certified OSF teacher / co-founding member of AGA Collaborative / Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of New Mexico

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Abby Crain

Open Source forms teacher, choreographer and performer. Current Research includes decentering anthropocentric and cadaver based teleologies and practices for movement.

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