April 27 – May 1: OSF + drawing with Meaghen Buckley in Vancouver

5-day OSF workshop taught by Meaghen Buckley.

April 27–May 1 in Vancouver, BC. // Five morning classes, 10am–12pm.

Cost of workshop: $100 – Early-bird discount: $90 when you register before April 15.

What will this workshop be like?

Over the two hours each day, we’ll engage in a range of activities, some involving a lot of movement, others minimal or no movement. We might do some writing and drawing, and we might make some noise. We’ll work alone, in pairs or as a group. Each day will be different than the last, yet each will build on the one before.

How do I register? Can I ask a question?

Send an email to meaghenbuckley@gmail.com.

What do I need to prepare? What should I bring?

You don’t need to prepare anything special, and you don’t need prior experience dancing, drawing, or with OSF in particular (but you’re also very welcome if you come with lots of experience!). It’s great to wear loose, comfortable clothing that doesn’t get in the way of movement, warm socks, layers to add and shed as we warm up and cool down; a snack and a bottle of water. You might want to bring a notebook or loose paper and a pen. Art supplies will be provided.

Who is Meaghen Buckley?

Meaghen Buckley is an artist and teacher based in Montréal. Trained in dance, visual arts, and theoretical linguistics, her creative practice explores the interaction of body and text in a variety of forms including performance, installation art, and structures for audience participation. She has taught both art and dance technique classes, most recently in Vancouver from 2010–2014, where she also created classes fusing object-making and performance-making around a common theme. She holds a BA (Hons) from McGill University and a BFA from Emily Carr University. Her work has been exhibited in Berlin and Göteborg, Sweden, as well as in a number of Vancouver-area galleries. She was certified as a teacher of Open-Source Forms in 2014.

Did I hear something about drawing?

Meaghen’s teaching adds drawing as an additional tool to the core elements of OSF. Drawing is explored in a variety of materials as another kind of movement: movement on a surface as well as in space. Interacting with the internal imagery of OSF, the act of drawing becomes another way for lived experience to emerge into the world, providing new perspectives, new materials, new entry points into creative practice.