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Tuesdays 9/18 – 10/9 – MOVING FOR MEANING with Yvonne Ng and Matthew Eldridge

Movement workshops for artists of all disciplines to tap into our creative energy and experiential knowledge. Led by dancer/choreographer Yvonne Ng, B.F.A., M.A. and RSW Matthew Eldridge, they will blend the Open Source Forms© movement approach with creative practices to explore issues in artists’ health. Time will be set aside for facilitated reflections on each session’s movement focus. Limited spaces available. No dance experience needed.

FacilitatorsYvonne Ng is a choreographer, presenter, arts educator and artistic director of princess productions. She is the recipient of the Murriel Sherrin Award, Jacqueline Lemieux Prize, K.M. Hunter Artist Award, New Pioneers Arts Award, Chalmers Arts Fellowship, Soulpepper’s Community Artist Award and the Ontario Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts – New Talent. Matthew Eldridge is a Registered Social Worker. He has held social work positions across southern Ontario in hospitals, family health teams and a community health centre. Matt has a background as a competitive trampolinist/gymnast and performed as an acrobat in the Cirque du Soleil production of Dralion.

Venue: Array Music Space, 155 Walnut Ave., Toronto

Dates: Tuesdays – September 18, September 25, October 2, October 9

Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Registration: Participants must sign up for the entire series. Pay-What-You-Choose. Options are: $28, $40 for the entire series (that’s $7 or $10 per session). To register, visit https://artistshealth.com/aha/creations/.

September 10-12, 2018 – Open Source Forms & Creative Play with Susanna Hood

September 10, 11, 12, 2018


Dovercourt  House 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON

$80 for all 3 classes ($30/class)

Drop-ins welcome for day 1 and exceptionally for other days depending on previous experience

To Register: meryem.muginov@gmail.com

Minimum $30 deposit required on registration

In this three-morning workshop, Susanna offers introductory level OSF material in combination with improvisation structures using movement, voice, drawing, and writing.  OSF, founded by dance artist and master teacher Stephanie Skura in 2008 is a fluid expansion of Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), developed as a revolutionary way of learning by Joan Skinner in the 1960’s. Some basic principals underpinning the work are: that we are all born with natural grace and coordination with free and open voices & natural creativity; that in letting go of learned patterns of holding, of preconception, and of expectation we can connect to our own inherent process and potential; that sound is an expression of and release of energy; that learning through allowing instead of forcing gives us access to fullness with less effort; that we can be physically touched and transformed by the use of imagery; that play is a fundamental part of our humanness. (To learn more about OSF and SRT please visit https://opensourceforms.com and http://www.skinnerreleasing.com/aboutsrt.html).

The nature of the working process is web-like, cumulative and will happen in layers with no two days exactly the same. This is why the sessions are best experienced in their entirety. We will work with touch, deep-state imagery, and waking-state exercises and scores for improvisation. The sessions are guided mostly through experiential learning, allowing for the timing of each individual’s process of discovery and integration, working both together and alone but in community.

The class is open to adults of all ages, performers and non-performers alike. The class will cater to the average level of its participants’ previous experience with OSF/SRT.

Susanna Hood Biography:

Susanna Hood is a compelling performer, maker and teacher in dance and music and was the artistic director of hum dansoundart (https://humdansoundart.wordpress.com/company/) from 2000-2013. Beginning her career in 1991 with the Toronto Dance Theatre, independently she has performed the works of many Canadian choreographers, composers, and filmmakers. She performs widely as an improviser in dance and music, and has collaborated extensively in theatre as a movement director.  Her choreography, compositions, and interdisciplinary collaborations have been presented locally, nationally, and internationally on stage and film since 1991. Her work is marked by a dynamic synthesis of voice and movement, creating intimate, raw and sensual performance work.

From 2015-2017 Susanna completed the Pilot #2 of the Research Studios at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, Belgium with emphasis on the synergistic relations between dance and music. Since 2004, Susanna has been teaching improvisation, composition, and voice and movement synthesis in various institutions and through independent workshops across Canada. Since 2012 Susanna has become a teacher trainer of Open Source Forms (OSF), a practice that combines the principles of Skinner Releasing method with the varied and developing practices of its teachers. . http://susannahood.ca


August 14-December 11, 2017: Weekly OSF with Meaghen Buckley in Montreal, Canada

Cours hebdomadaire en Open Source Forms — une exploration gestuelle, vocale, de textes et de dessins. Tous niveaux. Les lundi de 18h à 20h, du 14 août au 11 décembre. Les cartes de 5 cours sont à 90$; c’est 25$ pour un cours unique. Bilingue français/anglais.

Weekly classes in Open Source Forms — exploring movement, voice, words and drawing. Open to all levels. 6pm-8pm Mondays from August 14 through December 11. 5-class cards are 90$, or $25 to drop in. Bilingual English/French.

Trouvez des mises à jour sur la page Facebook//Find any updates on Facebook


April 7-June 16, 2016: Weekly OSF + Drawing with Meaghen Buckley in Montréal, Canada

Cours hebdomadaire en Open Source Forms — une exploration gestuelle, vocale, de textes et de dessins. Tous niveaux. $120/la série de 8 cours, $20/séance libre. Le 7, 14, 28 avril; le 5, 12, 26 mai; le 9 et 16 juin. Bilingue français/anglais.

Weekly classes in Open Source Forms — exploring movement, voice, words and drawing. Open to all levels. $120/session of 8 classes, or $20 drop-in. April 7, 14, 28; May 5, 12, 26; June 9 and 16. The classes are taught bilingually (English/French).

Pour s’inscrire/to register:

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6 jours de Open Source Forms à La Poêle, Montréal!

Deux ateliers de 3 jours chacuns enseignés par Meaghen Buckley. Les ateliers sont indépendants mais complémentaires (on peut en prendre un ou les deux). L’OSF opère comme structure qui nous mènera vers une exploration pluridisciplinaire avec une base en mouvement et expression corporelle.

du 7 au 9 décembre : Gestes, lettres, dessins et sons
du 14 au 16 décembre : Le couleur

Du lundi au mercredi, de 13h à 15h.
Coût de l’atelier: $60 pour une semaine ou $100 pour les deux
Bilingue français/anglais

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6 days of Open Source Forms at La Poêle!

Two 3-day OSF workshops taught by Meaghen Buckley. The workshops can be taken together or independently as each has a different focus. OSF functions as a structure guiding us towards a multidisciplinary exploration with a basis in movement and physical expression.

December 7–9 : Writing movement, drawing sound
December 14–16 : Exploring colour

Monday to Wednesday, 1pm–3pm.
Cost of workshop: $60 for one workshop, $100 for both
Bilingual English/French

For more information / to register

July 6 – 10, 2015: The Voice of the Creative Body – Open Source Forms & Action Theater™ with Susanna Hood & Sarah Bild, Montreal, CANADA

Susanna and Sarah share a curiosity about how Open Source Forms and Action Theater,™ as contrasting approaches, can complement each other in training embodied, deeply connected and playful performers.

Both of these improvisational techniques develop full human physicality, expanded beyond the movement of flesh and bones to include the movement of voice, imagination, thought and language, all riding on the music of the breath.

Through its focus on releasing and subtle states of consciousness, the Open Source Forms practice will bring participants in touch with their natural suppleness, readiness and presence. This is a richly embodied place from which to approach the more concrete and playful performance practice of Action Theater, which further develops skills and awareness of our moment to moment experience.

We encourage participation in both practices as each approach progresses cumulatively over the course of the week. All are welcome and classes will be offered in a bilingual setting.

Class schedule :
July 6 to 10, every morning
Open Source Forms with Susanna Hood : 9:30 to 11:00 am
Action Theater™ with Sarah Bild : 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Full workshop : $150
One practice (OSF or AT) 5 days : $100

5333 Casgrain, #307
Montréal, CANADA

Enrollment is limited.

For info and registrations : lapoele307@gmail.com or (514) 690-8579
facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1624143484488027/

April 27-30, 2015: Four-morning workshop in Toronto with Susanna Hood

Intensive series of 4 morning classes taught by Susanna Hood

April 27-30, 10am – 1pm

Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Road, 1st floor, Toronto

Cost: $145 for the full workshop; $40 for one class

For information and to register, please send an email to somaticmovementlab@gmail.com and a deposit of $40 by April 13 to secure your spot.

Susanna offers Open Source Forms as the main container for an exploration into the moving, sounding, creative self guided by the philosophy that we are all natural movers and sounders with a vast capacity for expression, that movement and sound are both physical manifestations of our whole self, and that this combined physicality opens a doorway into experiencing our primordial being.

Within this container, Susanna also draws from her studies with such influential sources as OSF founder and master teacher, Stephanie Skura, master vocal teachers Fides Krucker and Richard Armstrong, Ruth Zaporah’s Action Theater, and Emilie Conrad’s Continuum Movement (along with Continuum practitioners Kim Brodey and Linda Rabin).

The classes will combine Open Source Forms material with some vocal work and some improvisation. The material from class to class is cumulative, so participants are encouraged to attend either all the classes or consecutive classes starting with the first class (some exceptions apply).
Classes are offered in a bilingual setting.