June 19 – July 14, 2017: Year #2 of OSF 2016/17 Teacher Certification with Stephanie Skura, Susanna Hood, Nate Dryden & Meaghen Buckley

June 19 – July 14, 2017: Year #2 of OSF 2016/17 Teacher Certification with OSF creator Stephanie Skura & teacher-trainers Susanna Hood, Nate Dryden & Meaghen Buckley

This Training Year #2 for our current OSF Teacher Certification group is full. Participant numbers are very limited, for greatest benefit of participants.  Our next Teacher Certification groups in Seattle & in Europe will begin in 2018. Applicants to this program need  substantive experience in Open Source Forms and/or Skinner Releasing Technique. We recommend attending a 3-week OSF Pre-Teacher Training workshop before entering OSF Teacher Certification. The next OSF Pre-TT workshop is in Wales in Fall 2017, & in Seattle during summer 2018.  For specifics on our OSF Teacher Certification Program & its prerequisites:


 OSF is creatively empowering for both teachers & their students. A rigorous, soul-expanding program, OSF Teacher Certification gives a solid grounding in methods & deep understanding of the work, ultimately empowering teachers & their students to expand OSF to adapt to changing circumstances in our lives & worlds, & integrate it with other practices they embrace.

If interested in OSF Teacher Certification, please message us below.

“It’s impossible to thank you adequately for the immensity, generosity, hilarity, depth & expansiveness of what you’ve brought to this Teacher Training.”  Meaghen Buckley, Certified OSF Teacher, 2014