May 29 – June 9, 2017: Two-Week OSF Workshop in Seattle with Stephanie Skura & Nate Dryden

May 29 – June 9, 2017
11:00 AM – 2 PM, Mon – Fri
19th & Roy, Capitol Hill, Seattle

Two-week Open Source Forms Seattle Workshop

“[Stephanie is] one of the most memorable dance educators I’ve studied with…She allows you to unfold in ways that are innate, yet unknown to you.”  Laura Reichhardt

 Opportunity to study intensively with OSF creator Stephanie Skura & Co-Faculty Nate Dryden
Open to all! Daily 3-hour sessions. No prior experience necessary.

** Partially fulfills requirements for applicants to OSF Teacher Certification Program.**

Deeply rooted in, & fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), Open Source Forms (OSF) is about cross-fertilizations and deep commonalities of SRT and creative process: shedding outer layers, finding primal energy, agility navigating subconscious realms, and imagery as powerful tool for transformation. OSF is a remarkably effective and revolutionary way of learning that can catalyze learning and healing of all kinds. A key mission is individual creative empowerment as an instigator of positive change on the planet. OSF supports our connections amidst our diversity, self-empowerment through deep reflection in community with others, and effortless dissolving of inhibitions.   It’s guided by the philosophy that the source of creativity & wisdom is available in each of us. 

This workshop brings together a worldwide community for dancing, creative practice, and deep immersion — in a catalytic environment of colleagues with diverse experiences in teaching, healing, therapy, performance, theater, community, and visionary organization-building. 

 “I had such a fabulous time dancing, & felt so open and alive after each class.”  Eva Karczag, Teacher & Choreographer, Netherlands/NYC

“This work feeds me in ways I’m not able to access otherwise.”  Alwyn O’Brien, Visual Artist, Canada

Fees: $600 full price, $500 for early registration.


Questions? Contact us with inquiries; we’re happy to hear from you!