Wendy Perron & Stephanie Skura in ’Surreptitious Preparations for an Impossible Total Act’ Photo by Ian Douglas

New! Further Beyond Beginnings in Seattle


July 11- 15, 2022 — IN-PERSON
Monday through Friday
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Russian Community Center
Capitol Hill, Seattle
Facilitators: Stephanie Skura & Nate Dryden

Cost: $30/day or $130 for full week (5 days).

Join us! If you have at least two weeks’ experience with Open Source Forms or Skinner Releasing, we invite you to join current OSF Teacher Trainees for five daily sessions, encompassing material offered during the third week of OSF programs.

First-week material is what’s most often taught in OSF & SRT workshops, and itself comprises a body of foundational material that bears deeper & deeper exploration for many years. Those who’ve gone a bit beyond WEEK1 may have experienced some of the fascinating, valuable developments of WEEK 2 material.

The rarely-taught material of WEEK 3 — elegant, intricate and absorbing — offers a bridge toward the highly sophisticated, deeply nourishing world of Advanced Practice. Images are more sophisticated. We are ready to spend more time in deep processing mode, and more deeply within our own psyches. We find new effective alignment awarenesses and methods for opening our voices. Energy moves in spirals. Many concepts are integrated, and we discover the web-like connections within ourselves, with each other, & with the world. As awareness expands both inward and outward, we find new avenues for healing, a calming sense of compassionate connection, and ready pathways toward presence & suppleness that extend into our lives beyond the studio.

During what often feels like an increasingly stressful world swirling around us, we Open Sourcerors feel continually grateful for the valuable resource of this practice in our lives.

*Photo: Wendy Perron & Stephanie Skura in ’Surreptitious Preparations for an Impossible Total Act.’ Photo by Ian Douglas.