January 7-11, 2019: 5-morning OSF workshop with Susanna Hood, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

MascallDance presents in partnership with The Training Society of Vancouver:

Open Source Forms with Susanna Hood

January 7-11, 2019, 10am-2pm daily

1130 Jervis Street
V6E 3C7 Vancouver, British Columbia

Early Bird Rate: Up to December 31: $400
From January 1: $500

For those for whom the price is restrictive, there is a 20% off code at checkout: 20OFFHOOD.

(Potential scholarships available for those for whom even the discounted rates are prohibitive. Please contact Alexa Mardon directly if this is the case: alexamardon@gmail.com)

Registration: https://squareup.com/store/MascallDance

This workshop is eligible for a CADA/BC Training Subsidy.

In this five-morning workshop, Susanna offers introductory level OSF material in combination with improvisation structures using movement, voice, drawing, and writing.

The nature of the working process is web-like, cumulative and will happen in layers with no two days exactly the same. Each session is unique and draws on modalities of touch, deep-state imagery, alignment-focused exercises, and scores for improvisation. The sessions promote experiential learning, allowing for the timing of each individual’s process of discovery and integration, working both together and alone but in community. In this way, people of all levels of experience can explore alongside each other, tailoring the work to their individual capacities and needs.

Depending on the interest of participants and guided by their individual experience within the classes, one or two of the sessions may include in-depth discussion into essential concepts and pedagogical principals of OSF.

The class is open to adults of all ages, performers and non-performers alike.