13-15 December, 2019: OSF 3-Day Introductory Workshop in Brescia, Italy with Stephanie Skura & Nate Dryden

“Some of the best teaching & guidance I’ve ever received in my dancing/movement life! Don’t miss it.”  Jeremy Steward, 2017 Certified OSF teacher 


13, 14 & 15 December, 2019
Friday, 13 December: 6 – 9 PM
Saturday, 14 December, 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Sunday, 15 December, 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM


(International Dance Center, formerly called Container12)
Via Giosuè Carducci, 12 / E
2582 Botticino BS
[Note: Botticino is just east of Brescia]

These sessions are inclusive, welcoming & vitally useful for both newcomers to the practice & experienced practitioners. OSF is deeply rooted in & fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique. We integrate introductory OSF with improvisational experiments developed by Skura over three decades of interdisciplinary choreographic research.

Cost: €150 or €120 if full payment received by 20 November, 2019.
(Participants need to begin on Day 1 & attend consecutive days. Drop-ins OK only with significant experience in OSF or SRT)

Deeply rooted in & fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), OSF involves shedding outer layers, accessing primal energy, agility navigating subconscious realms, imagery as potent tool for transformation, & developing a high degree of consciousness without self-consciousness. This work celebrates diversity, collaboration & individual empowerment: free of inhibition, accessing intuition, inviting the mind to collaborate. OSF sessions offer potent tools to access freedom, specificity & courage in movement, vocal practice & creative practice. A key aspect is individual creative empowerment as an instigator of positive change on the planet.

“Working with you creatively has instigated some of the most juicy & inspiring dancing times of my life… Offers the range from physical to embodied intellectual to creative composition…So much care & respect for the people with whom you share the learning space.” (OSF Participants)

Contact us with inquiries. We’re happy to hear from you!