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July 11 – August 5, 2016: Year #1 of OSF 2016/17 Teacher Certification with Stephanie Skura & Susanna Hood

July 11 – August 5, 2016,
Year #1 of 2016/17 OSF Teacher Certification Program
Capitol Hill, Seattle

10:30 AM – 6 PM, Monday – Friday
Facilitated by OSF creator Stephanie Skura,  & OSF Teacher-Trainer Susanna Hood 

Participant numbers are very limited, for greatest benefit of participants.  Applicants to this program need  substantive experience in Open Source Forms and/or Skinner Releasing Technique; for specifics on our OSF Teacher Certification Program & its prerequisites:


 OSF is creatively empowering for both teachers & their students. A rigorous, soul-expanding program, OSF Teacher Certification gives a solid grounding in methods & deep understanding of the work, ultimately empowering teachers & their students to expand OSF to adapt to changing circumstances in our lives & worlds, & integrate it with other practices they embrace.

If interested in OSF Teacher Certification, please message us below.

“It’s impossible to thank you adequately for the immensity, generosity, hilarity, depth & expansiveness of what you’ve brought to this Teacher Training.”  Meaghen Buckley, Certified OSF Teacher, 2014

July 11 – 29, 2016: Three-Week OSF Pre-Teacher-Training Workshop with Stephanie Skura & Susanna Hood

July 11 – 29, 2016,
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM, 2:00 – 6:00 PM, Mon – Fri
Capitol Hill, Seattle

Three-week Open Source Forms Pre-Teacher-Training Seattle Workshop

 Opportunity to study intensively with OSF creator Stephanie Skura,  & OSF Teacher-Trainer Susanna Hood 

For people interested in learning to teach OSF who need more experience in the practice before entering the Teacher Certification Program. It includes the full spectrum of introductory OSF material, improvisation sessions, & in-depth discussions about underlying concepts & methods. This program is co-existing with Year 1 of  our 2016/17  Open Source Forms Teacher Certification Training.

Though not a commitment to the full OSF Teacher Certification Program, the 3-week Pre-Training Program provides prerequisites** & a sense of the nature of OSF Teacher Certification, to better know if it’s for you.   It includes the full spectrum of introductory material, sophisticated improvisations, & discussions that are  juicy, participatory, & substantive. 

** If you’ve already had the equivalent of one two-week OSF workshop, this 3-week workshop will complete your prerequisites for our next OSF Teacher Certification Program.**

 OSF is creatively empowering for both teachers & their students. A rigorous, soul-expanding program, OSF Teacher Certification gives a solid grounding in methods & deep understanding of the work, ultimately empowering teachers & their students to expand OSF to adapt to changing circumstances in our lives & worlds, & integrate it with other practices they embrace.

Cost: $1,800 USD or $1,500 USD if non-refundable deposit received by May 1, 2016.
Bookings: Deposit $300 by May 1, 2016 via Paypal or check.  Balance of payment due on June 1, 2016.



“Stephanie Skura is one of the most inspired & inspiring teachers I’ve ever studied with. She is a singular teacher whose wisdom & breadth of experience are a gift to those interested in expanding their perception of movement, where it comes from, and how it can trigger deep creativity on numerous levels.”  Juliette Mapp, Choreographer & Teacher, NYC

Contact us with inquiries. We’re happy to hear from you!

July 11 – 22, 2016: Two-Week OSF Summer Workshop in Seattle with Stephanie Skura, Susanna Hood & Nate Dryden


July 11 – 22, 2016,
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Mon – Fri
19th & Roy, Capitol Hill, Seattle

Two-week Open Source Forms Seattle Workshop

 Opportunity to study intensively with OSF creator Stephanie Skura & Co-Faculty Susanna Hood & Nate Dryden 

 Open to all! Daily 2-hour sessions. No prior experience necessary.

** Partially fulfills requirements for applicants to OSF Teacher Certification Program.**

Workshop participants will join OSF trainees & pre-trainees for morning OSF technique sessions, bringing together a worldwide community for dancing, creative practice, and deep immersion — in a catalytic environment of colleagues with diverse experiences in teaching, healing, therapy, performance, theater, community, and visionary organization-building. 

Cost: $300, due by June 1.


“Working with you creatively has instigated some of the most juicy & inspiring dancing times of my life… Hit the spot by offering the range from physical to embodied intellectual to creative composition…So much care and respect for the people with whom you share the learning space.”

Contact us with inquiries. We’re happy to hear from you!

April 7-June 16, 2016: Weekly OSF + Drawing with Meaghen Buckley in Montréal, Canada

Cours hebdomadaire en Open Source Forms — une exploration gestuelle, vocale, de textes et de dessins. Tous niveaux. $120/la série de 8 cours, $20/séance libre. Le 7, 14, 28 avril; le 5, 12, 26 mai; le 9 et 16 juin. Bilingue français/anglais.

Weekly classes in Open Source Forms — exploring movement, voice, words and drawing. Open to all levels. $120/session of 8 classes, or $20 drop-in. April 7, 14, 28; May 5, 12, 26; June 9 and 16. The classes are taught bilingually (English/French).

Pour s’inscrire/to register:

For more information/to ask questions:




6 jours de Open Source Forms à La Poêle, Montréal!

Deux ateliers de 3 jours chacuns enseignés par Meaghen Buckley. Les ateliers sont indépendants mais complémentaires (on peut en prendre un ou les deux). L’OSF opère comme structure qui nous mènera vers une exploration pluridisciplinaire avec une base en mouvement et expression corporelle.

du 7 au 9 décembre : Gestes, lettres, dessins et sons
du 14 au 16 décembre : Le couleur

Du lundi au mercredi, de 13h à 15h.
Coût de l’atelier: $60 pour une semaine ou $100 pour les deux
Bilingue français/anglais

D’autres infos / s’inscrire


6 days of Open Source Forms at La Poêle!

Two 3-day OSF workshops taught by Meaghen Buckley. The workshops can be taken together or independently as each has a different focus. OSF functions as a structure guiding us towards a multidisciplinary exploration with a basis in movement and physical expression.

December 7–9 : Writing movement, drawing sound
December 14–16 : Exploring colour

Monday to Wednesday, 1pm–3pm.
Cost of workshop: $60 for one workshop, $100 for both
Bilingual English/French

For more information / to register

January 11 – 15, 2016: Freedom + Rigor + Courage with Stephanie Skura in New York City


January 11 – 15, 2016
Monday – Friday, 1 – 3 PM
New York, NY

Cross-fertilizations of releasing technique & creative process catalyze creative work. Approaches derived from 30 evolving years of rehearsal process celebrating diversity, collaboration, & individual creative empowerment: free of inhibition, wildly intuitive, inviting mind to collaborate. Access conceptual freedom, specificity, courage & honesty in movement, vocal practice, & improvisation. Adopt these methods & discover your own. Experiment with surprising pathways between conscious & subconscious, movement/voice/writing/drawing, witnessing & participating. With radical approaches to scores as fertile path toward content-relevant method & structure, integrating intuitive with analytical. Trusting our inner world, accessing technique as resource & having the courage to transcend it in our unfettered presence.

Information & Registration

July 31 – August 6, 2015: OSF Retreat Week with Stephanie Skura in western Wales

July 31 – August 6, 2015

Arrivals: 4pm Friday, July 31
Departure: 2pm Thursday, August 6

6-day workshop in a forest studio, staying in woodland cabins, to immerse in Open Source Forms & creative process. Experiencing the subtle ways being in nature attunes us to deeper ease with creative process. Open to all.

5 minutes from Mwnt, one of “Europe’s top ten loveliest hidden beaches.” For photos & more about Felinganol retreat:


Mwnt hidden beach
Mwnt hidden beach

This workshop is now full!  Email Meriel (address below) to be on the waiting list. 

Accommodation & Fee Options:

Shared room (3 beds): £305pp
Shared cabin (twin): £335pp
Double cabin (2 people sharing double bed): £335pp
Single Cabin: £400pp
Pricing includes all tuition, free use of studio, lands, fire circle, hot tub, simple breakfast & dinner on the first night. Meals are self-catered with house kitchen open to prepare and share ‘pot-luck’ meals together.
Places reserved by deposit £75 (non-refundable). 10% early-bird reduction for full payment before April 31st 2015.
Student discounts available.
Booking enquiries & registration:  merielgoss@hotmail.com