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Based in Montreal, Susanna Hood works equally in dance and in music as a creator, performer, and teacher. She became a certified OSF teacher in 2010, and since 2013 has begun also working as an OSF Teacher Trainer alongside Stephanie Skura.

July 6 – 10, 2015: The Voice of the Creative Body – Open Source Forms & Action Theater™ with Susanna Hood & Sarah Bild, Montreal, CANADA

Susanna and Sarah share a curiosity about how Open Source Forms and Action Theater,™ as contrasting approaches, can complement each other in training embodied, deeply connected and playful performers.

Both of these improvisational techniques develop full human physicality, expanded beyond the movement of flesh and bones to include the movement of voice, imagination, thought and language, all riding on the music of the breath.

Through its focus on releasing and subtle states of consciousness, the Open Source Forms practice will bring participants in touch with their natural suppleness, readiness and presence. This is a richly embodied place from which to approach the more concrete and playful performance practice of Action Theater, which further develops skills and awareness of our moment to moment experience.

We encourage participation in both practices as each approach progresses cumulatively over the course of the week. All are welcome and classes will be offered in a bilingual setting.

Class schedule :
July 6 to 10, every morning
Open Source Forms with Susanna Hood : 9:30 to 11:00 am
Action Theater™ with Sarah Bild : 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Full workshop : $150
One practice (OSF or AT) 5 days : $100

5333 Casgrain, #307
Montréal, CANADA

Enrollment is limited.

For info and registrations : or (514) 690-8579
facebook link:

April 27-30, 2015: Four-morning workshop in Toronto with Susanna Hood

Intensive series of 4 morning classes taught by Susanna Hood

April 27-30, 10am – 1pm

Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Road, 1st floor, Toronto

Cost: $145 for the full workshop; $40 for one class

For information and to register, please send an email to and a deposit of $40 by April 13 to secure your spot.

Susanna offers Open Source Forms as the main container for an exploration into the moving, sounding, creative self guided by the philosophy that we are all natural movers and sounders with a vast capacity for expression, that movement and sound are both physical manifestations of our whole self, and that this combined physicality opens a doorway into experiencing our primordial being.

Within this container, Susanna also draws from her studies with such influential sources as OSF founder and master teacher, Stephanie Skura, master vocal teachers Fides Krucker and Richard Armstrong, Ruth Zaporah’s Action Theater, and Emilie Conrad’s Continuum Movement (along with Continuum practitioners Kim Brodey and Linda Rabin).

The classes will combine Open Source Forms material with some vocal work and some improvisation. The material from class to class is cumulative, so participants are encouraged to attend either all the classes or consecutive classes starting with the first class (some exceptions apply).
Classes are offered in a bilingual setting.

Susanna Hood

Based in Montreal since 2010, Susanna Hood is a compelling and virtuosic performer in dance and music and was the artistic director of her interdisciplinary performance company hum dansoundart from 2000 till 2013. She began her career as a member of the Toronto Dance Theatre from 1991 through 1995. Independently, she has performed the works of various Canadian choreographers, composers, and filmmakers (including Tedd Robinson, Scott Thomson, John Oswald, Nilan Perera, and Phillip Barker) and has performed widely as an improviser both in dance and music. For over a decade, she has been synthesizing voice and movement into a dynamic practice through which she creates intimate, raw and sensual performance work. Her choreography, compositions, and interdisciplinary collaborations have been presented locally, nationally, and internationally on stage and film since 1991.

Awards include the 1998 K.M. Hunter Emerging Artists Award in Dance and the 2006 Dora Mavor Moore Award (DMM) for Outstanding Performance in Dance for She’s gone away. Prominent nominations include the 2007 DMM Award for Best New Choreography in Dance for her first group work on the Dancemakers company loveloathing, and the 2010 DMM Awards for Best Composition (Nilan Perera) and Outstanding Performance (Dan Wild) for Shudder. In 2008 Susanna was the recipient of the Canada Council’s Victor Martin Lynch-Staunton Award for Outstanding Achievement in the field of Dance.

Theatre credits include Assistant Director/Movement Coach to Jennifer Tarver for both Nightwood Theatre’s production of Sarah Kane’s Crave in 2007 and the Stratford Festival’s production of George F. Walker’s Zastrozzi in 2009 as well as Co-Direction with Jennifer Tarver for the National Theatre School’s production of Edward Albee’s Everything in the Garden in 2011.

Part-time teacher at both the School Toronto Dance Theatre and l’École de Danse Contemporain de Montréal in improvisation and elements of composition respectively, Susanna also teaches improvisation and synthesis of voice and movement through independent workshops in Canada since 2004. In 2010 she was certified to teach Open Source Forms that combines the principles of Skinner Releasing method with the varied and developing practices of its teachers. Since 2012, Susanna has also become a teacher trainer for OSF.